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About Us

What we do

Based in the UK, Arithmetica develops software for clients around the world.

Our team creates new software technologies for clients’ challenging real-world problems. Our solutions handle complex data rich information and are simple and easy to use.

Our wide-ranging experience and capabilities include:

  • Image analysis and computer vision for industrial and biomedical fields
  • Massively parallel computation
  • Multimedia data compression
  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Monte-Carlo methods
  • Traffic simulation
  • Mathematical optimization used in conceptual aircraft design
  • Statistical estimation
  • Computational fluid dynamics applied to aerofoil optimization
  • Nonlinear variable demand economics models involving millions of variables
  • Finite element electromagnetic analysis
  • Spherical image processing and 360 degree video presentation

Our point cloud to 3D CAD model conversion software works automatically and in minutes. It will revolutionize the way you work.